The age old question... What do I look for when candling Marans eggs?

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    Ok so I continue to go through trials and tribulations with my bator but I decided to go ahead and candle four of my dozen marans eggs. It's day 7 and my first time candling... Of course I go and pick the toughest eggs to candle for my first hatch [​IMG]

    It was hard to make out much detail and I couldn't identify any veins in the four I've candled so far but I did see a pretty large dark mass. No blood rings that I can tell so that's good. I tested my candler for when I first made it earlier this evening with an infertile white egg and there's definitely a big difference in the way they look. The white egg was very clear with a fairly small, very slightly darker area where the yolk is. All four Marans eggs had darker masses that were quite a bit bigger than the yolk in the infertile egg...

    So is this a good sign or what? I have no idea how to interpret what I saw. I just put em back in the bator and now I guess I'm playing the wait and hope game until day 18 [​IMG]
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