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Mar 18, 2014
I'm just going to start with this :oops:

And now I will 6 khaki Campbell ducks will be 6 weeks old this weekend and they HAVE to go outside!!!! Their brooder box (fridge box) is quite literally falling apart from the water they throw around and poor things are running out of room :(. We've had them on our non-insulated enclosed porch for the past 3 weeks and they've been off of their heat lamp for a week.

We have a small fenced in area for them, but a small house my hubby built for them to be locked in every night. If we put quite a bit if straw for them in there, I really think they should be okay to move out these weekend? Our temps are now "suppose" to be 60s/70s daytime and high 30/low 40s at night, but they have really been in that temp on our porch.

So please correct me if I'm wrong.....I'm just looking for approval :fl

Also, another big question....the duck house isn't big enough to add their food and water if we want them to stay clean (ish) and dry...can I just put them in there without it at this age? They would get locked up at sunset and I would let them out at sunrise when I let out my chickens. Is that okay at 6 weeks?

Here they are last weekend and now their flight (?) feathers are in:

They were wrestling for the water....don't worry, they will have a much bigger water area after they move out :)

An one more pictures because I love them!


I know they're not "pure" khakis Campbell's....but any idea where the two got their white necks from? They're the only two with that and they appear to both be drakes.
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Well, this is pushing it from my very protective duck mom point of view. And people have done similar, and well - - - I don't exactly know what happened. But people claim that they do fine.

So here are my thoughts.

Security, security, security - things will pull pieces of a duck through or under a fence if they can.
There are daytime predators, too, including hawks.
Ducklings at 6 weeks are still growing inside and out. Energy that they use staying warm is not being used to develop their bodies.
Have you seen these?
Watering station. Keeps the bedding dry.

Attached veranda - covered with half inch metal hardware cloth top, bottom and sides, with a locking door and a roof now.
I would keep their food with them. I've raised a large breed duck before and he grew and grew and grew. protection is the biggest thing a coyote can get them through a hole like the ones in chain link. Owls can take a full gown duck. the take it whole to their nest. no struggle, no feathers and no blood
sad but true. they should have a covered run, or a red light at hawk/ owl eye height or a dog. we have a broader collie who keeps predators away. also hiding places
if they are like my Muscovy ducks as soon as they hear a wolf, coyote, hawk or owl they will hide. which is funny because I have 2 Alaskan Huskies, 1 who howls like a wolf and the other a coyote
. good luck with your ducks!

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