The air cell too small?

Chicken Boy1234

6 Years
Mar 31, 2013
I have three eggs in my incubator and they are all fertile, the thing is, I think the airbags are too small, the humidity is 65%, I don't know what to do, they are all on day 19. There is one Campine and two Lohman eggs.
Approximately how big are they? There really isn't anything you can do this "late in the game," but you could try to lower the humidity (lower humidity= bigger air cells.)
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Thats wrong
Higher humidity = smaller air cell
1 to 18 days keep your humidity around 40-50%
Last 3 days 65%
Forgive my english
Its now day 21 for me! There is a chip in one of the eggs so fingers crossed! I torched one of the eggs and it looked as though the embreo had died so I took it out. The other egg I'm not so sure about as it looks like a chick is developing but I think it could be the yolk!

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