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    I've got a new project under way for developing barring. I have 4 chicks (3K/1P) that I will be working with in the near future. These 4 chicks came from a black hen and a barred cock bird. Of these 4, only two express somewhat clear and concise barring, with the barring being wider than it should be. That's the sibling pair I will be concentrating on. Barring is a new concept for me, and I would appreciate any input anyone has with developing barred that they can give me. I have black hens to work with along with the youngsters mentioned above. No true black or a barred cock, so I'll have to work with putting the barred siblings together and the best barred cockerel when he gets of age over a black female. Is this a feasible way of going about it? Or will this project be too limited with what I have available to work with to successfully create a barred bird?
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    I had a black roo over barred rock hens, I got black pullets and barred cocks = sex-linked. I don't know what happens with the next genration though
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    If the male is barred there is no sex-linking; if you cross a sex-linked bird there is no sex-linking using the same trait, although you could use a different one (use barring for the first sex-linked cross, then silver/gold for the 2nd, or slow feathering, etc.)

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