The beginning of an outdoor brooder/started coop

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    Mar 30, 2012
    Transitioning the little ones outdoors in a few days [​IMG] since the weather is so nice. They will still have their light out there. If for some reason it gets cold, they can come back inside. The coop will be setting under my very large carport for now anyway until the whole chicken pen is ready. The brooder/coop is about 3 ft. off the ground. It's right at 8ft long and 2 ft wide. We have each of our panels put together. My dad said we will hinge the sides so it can be disassembled and stored once the baby stage has passed and the chicks go into their pen. The sides have chicken wire and the botton will have a heavy duty wire. We'll put that on the top as well. He said we will go ahead and attach the cabinet I will eventually use as a place for the hens to lay and let the baby chicks use it for now. So this is what we got accomplished today. Just finished up about 8:00 PM.


    Mom could not stand it and wanted to participate as you can see in the above picture.

    And no that is not wire covering the doorway lol [​IMG] That is the other side panel standing behind it.

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