THE BEST Practical poultry diy tutorials PLEASE HELP


Apr 30, 2020
Hi all....
does anyone read the practical poultry magazines and have any magazines with the diy tutorials i would be glad if you could post it here.
keep smiling and don't let the virus get u down
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i didnt know they stopped does anyone have any of the plans in the back issues?
No sorry, maybe someone else does? Are you looking to build a coop?
Yes they are now an every-other-month part of The Smallholder.
yes i am looking to build a coop/run due to my hens always escaping even though i cut there wings
I think some of them are step-by-step if you click on them. where do your live now and hat type of coop are you looking for, for how many chickens?
Oh OK. Well if you cant find one there maybe try some googling. I have 10 chickens and will be building them a (hopefully walk-in coop soon) as well. Where are yours now?

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