The Birthday Party!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by OldGuy43, Mar 14, 2012.

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    The quackers are one week old today and they decided to have a party, and they started early. [​IMG]

    They woke me up at about 5:30 am with their "We're out of water!" peep. Sure enough, their 1 quart waterer was empty, so I refilled it and got myself a cup of coffee. Less than half an hour had passed when once again, "We're outta water!" In the vernacular of my younger days, "These girls party hearty!" Went to check and sure enough, no water. Most of it was on the puppy pads, but a whole quart of water in less than half an hour! I filled it again and came to a conclusion.

    My timetable wasn't going to work. I'd hoped to keep them in the brooder for close to another week, but they didn't agree. I had a logistical problem. They needed a bigger water container, but the brooder was to small for the gallon one that I had. There was only one solution that presented itself:


    They had a great time running around, peeping, playing with the litter, eating and drinking, splashing of course and just generally continuing the birthday party until about 8:45 am and than:


    The party was over and they went to sleep. [​IMG]
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    What a fun time had by all, aren't you glad you got invited? they'll have a blast in there.
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    very sweet
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    Jul 7, 2010
    My family thought I was crazy when i put the pool in the kitchen for my ducks. I am so glad to see someone else have the same idea as me. When I did that the ducks became very attached to the family, They thought they were human. When they got bigger and went outside whenever we tried to leave without them locked up they would chase the car down the driveway. Quacking the hole time. My husband wold get out of the car chase them up the driveway then run and jump in yelling go go go before they turn around andsee us leaving. OH hAppy days. Good Luck they are awfully cute :)

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