The Black Snake

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    It was beginning to creep me out. I imagine myself to be stout of heart, bold, fearless and resolute and all those other nice adjectives describing a man of valor. The six foot plus Black Snake that had taken two turns around my left calf and thigh annoyed me to the uttermost. I’d simply gone into the chicken house to collect eggs, and here was a most unwelcome intruder with a couple of noticeable bulges in his mid part. He had dined at my breakfast table that morning. I glared at him with the same narrow expression as the new Pharaoh had as he looked down at the annoying Moses. That I was wearing my summer uniform of shorts and a ragged work-a-day tee shirt didn’t help. Snake flesh against mine sent an army of goose bumps river dancing up my spine all the way to the base of my neck.

    I happened to have a rake with me and at first I tried to do the serpent in with that, but he was too quick, and kept dodging away. So I went out seeking another weapon and found a nice piece of wood about four feet in length. Going back into the arena I used the rake to pull him from a nest box where he had retreated. I tried to pin his head down when he hit the floor, but only managed to get him about six inches back. As I held him down with the rake I tried to Q-ball his head with the piece of wood, but the six inches he could move it gave him plenty of room to quickly dodge. That’s when he took a couple of turns on my bare leg. I finally got so annoyed at the creepy sensation that I took time from my game of “kill the snake” to peel him off. He immediately wrapped right back around my leg. His musk was very strong and unpleasant.

    After what seemed like a lifetime with him gripping me I at last got a stationary shot at his head. “…for dust thou art, and unto to dust shalt thou return”… was my Bible quotation specifically for him that day. I saw to it that he added to the green movement and furnished additional nutrients to the woods and animals. It’s been a few years since this little drama was played out, but when I think of him coiled around my leg, an army of Butterflies still goes roller skating up my back bone.
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    Apr 16, 2007
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    First off...Hi and Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    Secondly... [​IMG]

    Just had our first snake visit on Saturday and still have the willies. It was just a garter snake but he was a mean little bugger!

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    I pray that a thousand rats infest your bedchamber. [​IMG]
    Maybe then you will come to appreciate the nessecety of such an "unwelcome intruder".

    Oh yeah, welcome to yard clawmute. I really enjoy yer way of writing.
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    Mar 25, 2008
    Oooohhh! No kidding! That is my worst fear about keeping chickens. I am racking my brain to try to figure out how to keep the snakes out of my coop, but haven't had any success with a way to do it. My DH is gone for 36 hours at a time a lot and I just don't know what I would do if I had to confront an ordeal like that. My kids would more than likely be calling 911! [​IMG]

    By the way, welcome to BYC!!!
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    A roll of 1/4 hardware cloth will definately keep any snakes and many other "unwanted intruders" at bey.
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    I hate snakes. Whenever I see one in the yard, I tell DH that it is time to mow.
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    Blacksnakes die, Rattle Snakes die, Copperheads die, Cottonmouths die, Pygmy Rattlers die. We live next to a river and snakes are bountiful. I dispatched a Copperhead this past Saturday that was under I small board in my back yard planting beds.

    Black snakes & certain others not only go for our eggs, they chimb every tree they are able to, and eat the birds and their eggs. ON my place they die.

    King Snakes live and thrive. I had a King Snake about 4ft. in length that was resident under our house. I was glad every time I saw him. Rattlers of any size die, 4ft./5ft. plus have been killed here on our place. My wife ran over one on our county road near to our driveway that she claimed was immense, and it just kept on going. I do not want a snake of any species wrapping itself around me - especially at night if I have to go out. The Rattler in this photo was encountered by utility workers a few miles from our home. You can't buy enough hardware cloth to protect everything. Sometimes killing is the best way. People first - old "no shoulders" last is the natural order.

    We also have an abundance of Coyotes, wild dogs (feral crosses) and genuine wolf crosses. I don't have time or resources to pet them. I had a Coyote chase a Rooster within ten feet of me. HE was so intent on the bird that he didn't see me. His eyes were as big as Elsie the cow's! Anyone that has a shortage of serpents come on down. Free for the taking!

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    Nice writing style, there is no way I would want an up close & personal encounter with that snake in the photo [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    HOLY COW what a snake!! My dh would s**t himself if a snake wrapped around his leg. I would have to agree all snakes die here on my land also!!

    About 1 month ago a white oak snake got my 1 and only little chick in the coop. Needless to say 2 day's later when I found the snake still resting on the top pole of the coop...... he had had his last meal!!
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    I'm with you, clawmute! You did the right thing as far as I am concerned. I tend to subscribe to my Grandma Tunnell's point of view-if I see a snake, it's going to be a good one! (dead one) I can tolerate the rats or get a cat.

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