The blackout ~ players needed!

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  6. Jackson walked down a overgrown pathway to the secret meeting place. He'd just joined the revolutionists. He looked around cautiously to make sure no one was following him to their hidden meeting place. He came into a clearing with bunches of trees. In the middle was a old airplane that no longer worked, as every other electric thing in the world did, in the midst of all of it. Vines grew up the dirty sides of the gray-white plane. He walked to the door opening, peeking inside the dark inside. Strange.... They were suppose to be meeting today.... his thoughts were cut shirt by a huge blade if a dagger from behind him. He couldn't look behind him, being held tight from behind. "What are you doing here and how did you find this place?!" A voice behind him demanded, the blade pressed close to his throat. "M-my name is Jackson. I just joined a group called the revolutionists and we were suppose to meet here today." He finally managed. The blade fell away and Jackson was finally able to turn around. Behind him, he saw, was a girl. She was tall with short shaggy auburn hair. She stuck the dagger back in her belt. "Sorry about that... People aren't suppose to know about this place. I heard from a friend that there was another joining the group." She said, stuffing her hands in her dark blue skinny jeans.
    "I'm Jackson." He said. She nodded. She walked into the plane and turned up an pup lamp to get it brighter in the huge room. "And you are?......" He said. "No one needs to know. I didn't tell people my name."
    "There has to be someone that knows your name. And I'm sure I'll find out soon." He said.
    "Nope. Not even my closest friend here knows my name." She said stiffly. He looked at her puzzled. "Why?" She shot him a "it's none of your business" type look. "Your early. Everyone will be here in less than a half hour." She said, changing the subject.
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    Wintent walked down the overgrown pathway. She had joined the revolutionest a couple of weeks ago and wasn't the best at remembering directions so this was her third time trying to find it. She nodded to herself recognizing the surroundings. She tugged up on her stockings she was wearing under the mid-thigh length black dress. The dress had no sleeves so she wore a leather jacket that reached half way up her stomach, and the sleeves a little bit past her elbows. Her hair was down a simple black bow in the back, her bangs in her eyes. To anyone she seemed as if she was lost, hugging her arms around herself her eyes darting around paranoid listening to every sound. She looked harmless in her black ballet flats with a bow on them. But in the pocket of her jacket she had a Swiss army knife and in the cross choker necklace, there was a knife. All she had to do was reach into her pocket or pull the knife out of the necklace and she was ready to defend herself. But the thing was she probably wouldn't be able to pull off harming someone even for self-defense. She sighed softly.when the whitish airplane came into view.
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