The Blind One

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    Nov 12, 2013
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    I purchased 3 hens this weekend from Kijiji(the Canadian version of Craigslist). The ad claimed :

    LIGHT SUSSEX CHICKENS FOR SALE $35 each well socialized, have been shown and have won at fall fairs. all hatched in June Large heritage breed.

    I really wanted some Light Sussex and their is a short stock of them around here. So I figured I would treat myself to these tame yet gorgeous birds.

    I went to pick them up and the man had them already in boxes. I visually inspected the birds and noticed nothing out of the particular. I really did not pay that much attention. When I got home, that's when reality hit. The first hen I pulled out was blind in one eye. She cannot fly or jump or do anything other than walk around a bit, and does this Stevie Wonder movement constantly. I believe it's because that's how she can actually see out of the good eye. My coop is approx 1 foot off the ground. This evening, I came home after my daughters skating Lessons and she was outside in the rain huddled by herself. I believe it is because she cannot jump into the coop. My heart sank. She's really sweet and a super friendly girl however if she is not able to get into the coop when I'm not around and the weather is bad, or she wants to eat(food and water is stored inside away from the elements), this could be her death sentence.

    It is apparent that she has never really been outside and from what I believe, she has been inside with a bunch of her siblings in a horse stall for her entire life.

    Of course this man is not returning my emails or calls (I have another bird of the 3 that has mobility issues, as in can barely walk). I'm so enraged because in my mind I think that he is overbreeding the birds and this is the result.

    So I will move on and try and solve this issue. Maybe some of you have some insight into this. Here's my plan:

    - Build a ramp for the current coop
    if that does not work
    - Cut the legs down on the current coop and keep a small ramp
    if that does not work
    - put her in the big pen with my laying hens and my rooster and hope she does not get picked on(I dislike this option)
    if that does not work
    - ?????

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    Be sure and keep these chickens away from your other chickens in quarantine for at least a month. Since you were mislead already by this person, I might be suspicious that these chickens could have Mareks disease or something else. If you are able to return them without a refund, I would do this.

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