"the Bloom" on duck egg's & storing them

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    Do duck egg's have that protective barrier like chicken egg's?
    I did read up on the other person post and how their chicken egg's smell.. Sometimes our duck egg's do have that dirt smell.. A few time Lauren layed close to their water.. & of course the egg was wet.. We collect every day, sometimes every other day.. We do refrigerate them as soon as we collect them.. We don't rince them untill we use them.. Should we rinse them right away the put in the fridge?
    How long are they good for? Thanks is advance... :frow &
    This photo is from another member, I just loved it and use it...
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    Yes, duck eggs have the same protective barrier as chicken eggs (all eggs do). If an egg is particularly dirty and you want to rinse it off, be sure to use water that is warmer than the egg. If you use cold water, the egg will contract and pull bacteria, etc., through the pores into the egg. By using warm water, you prevent this potential contamination and get a cleaner egg.
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    Eggs are good for 3-5 weeks from the date laid according to USDA

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