The bricklayer's insurance claim

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    Dear Sir:

    I am writing in response to your request for additional information for my insurance claim. In block number 3 of the accident claim form I wrote, "trying to do the job alone" as the cause of my accident. You said in your letter that I should explain that statement more fully. I trust the following details will be sufficient.

    I am a bricklayer by trade. On the date of the accident, I was working alone on the roof of a new six-story building. When I completed my work I discovered that I had about 500 pounds of bricks left over. Rather than carrying the bricks down by hand, I decided to lower them in a barrel by using a pulley which was attached to the side of the building at the sixth-floor level. Securing, the rope at ground level, I went up to the roof, swung the barrel out, and loaded the bricks into it. Then I went back down to the ground and untied the rope, holding it tightly to insure a slow descent of the 500 pounds of bricks. You will note in block number 22 of the claim form that my weight is 150 pounds.

    Due to my surprise at being jerked off the ground so suddenly, I lost my presence of mind and forgot to let go of the rope. Needless to say, I proceeded up the side of the building at a very rapid rate of speed. In the vicinity of the third floor I met the barrel coming down. This explains my fractured skull and collarbone. Slowed only slightly, I continued my rapid ascent not stopping until the fingers of my right hand were two knuckles deep into the pulley.

    By this time, I had regained my presence of mind and was able to hold tightly to the rope in spite of my pain. At approximately the same time however, the barrel of bricks hit the ground and the bottom fell out of the barrel. Devoid of the weight of the bricks, the barrel then weighed approximately 50 pounds. I refer you again to the information in block number 22 regarding my weight. As you might imagine, I began a rapid descent down the side of the building. In the vicinity of the third floor I met the barrel coming up. This accounts for the two fractured ankles and the lacerations of my legs and lower body. This second encounter with the barrel slowed me enough to lessen my injuries when I fell onto the pile of bricks and fortunately, only three vertebrae were cracked.

    I am sorry to report, however, as I lay there on the bricks in pain, unable to stand and watching the empty barrel six stories above me, I again lost my presence of mind and let go of the rope. The empty barrel weighed more than the rope, so it proceeded at a rapid decent down the side of the building, landing on and breaking both of my legs.

    I hope I have furnished information sufficient to explain why "trying to do the job alone" was the stated cause of the accident.


    A Bricklayer

    Note: Author unknown
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    I remember that episode. It was one of the only ones where it did exactly what the myth said would happen. First time, I think?
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    Uhh... actually, the barrel didn't break... the dummy was left hanging in the air... so THEN they started tweaking it a bit... and they plucked off the bottom rung of the barrel.... added a sharp board lined up just right for the barrel to hit on landing hoping that it would make it break... etc etc... eventually they MADE it work, but the original, not so much.

    Basically on a really crappy site, with subpar equipment (a shoddy barrel) and misc debris left laying around (board that pierced barrel) THEN it could happen... Or as Adam says "If you were dumb enough to load a barrel that had already been modified to fail I'd see that the sequence of events is definitely possible.
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    Very funny - Although the gravity of the situation should not be ignored (pun very much intended)

    Here's one I saw earlier this year. A guy leans his ladders against the branch he is chopping off. Timb...aaaaaaargh !
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    Nope, FIL can top that... moron rented a lawnmower... you know, the plain ol' ordinary push kind? Mows his lawn, then decides the hedges need trimming so HE PICKED IT UP AND STARTED HACKING... and then sued (AND WON) when his fingers were cut... 'cuz those bright yellow stickers showing ARMS being lopped off just weren't clear enough. [​IMG]
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    Well, in any case.......we all got a laugh!

    Laughter makes good like a medicene!
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    Quote:I wish I were joking, but I am not - THE OWNERS' MANUALS FOR PUSH MOWERS HAVE VERY CLEAR AND SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS NOT TO DO THIS!! (Gee, I wonder why?!!)
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