the bully and the flock


12 Years
Oct 16, 2010
i have a bully and she is the largest and the prettiest..apparently she knows it too. well, i took her out a few days ago and stuck her in a dog kennel in the garage....
she was picking the others bloody...they look terrible....since i took her out, the others are scabbing up now
how long till i can put bully back with the others? someone told me that a few days on time out will do the trick, but i am a bit worried
has anyone had this problem before, and how did you handle it?
I'd keep her separated for two weeks. Reintroduce and if her behavior is unchanged, take her back out.
If the victims aren't really healed, she'll just peck them again. It's an instinct, the sight of blood or a sore triggers it. Keep her out til they're fully healed, however long that takes.

You need a plan to prevent future pecking once you put her back in. Are your birds crowded? Do they get enough protien? Are they bored outta their little birdie minds?
they arent crowded...plenty of outdoor and indoor room...and they get layena, which is 16% protein. I did cut back on the treats and other goodies to force them to eat the necessaries, and gave them pork and bone just in case. i have the bully in the garage in a kennel, is this ok for 2 weeks? if she doesnt behave, then it is the grill for her! how long does it take for sores to heal?
I had a barred rock hen that was like that. I tried time out twice, 3 days at a time, it didn't work. Maybe I should have tried longer like sour land said. I eventually rehomed her to a friend that has a much larger flock. I hate to say it but I was glad to see her get knocked down a peg or two when we put her in with her new flock mates, she was such a bully. I see her at my friends once in a while and she is doing well.

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