The Case of the Mysteriously Vanishing Eggs...

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Nov 14, 2010
Since a week or two one of my four chickens, a one and a half year-old Isa Brown hen, seems to be eating her eggs. At least I think she is. She displays her usual laying behaviour before she disappears into one of the nesting boxes. When I go check a little while later, there is no egg! Part of me thinks that she eats her eggs, although she never used to. On the other hand, wouldn't there be traces of the egg, like some messy egg yolk or some pieces of shell? I don't care about the eggs, as far as I am concerned they are just a bonus of having chickens, but it drives me nuts not knowing what is happening to Fiona's eggs. If there ARE any eggs, perhaps she's not laying? I have no idea and sincerely hope there are some Sherlock Holmes wannabes who can provide me with an answer. Thanks very much!

Fiona the suspected egg thief
I was missing eggs for a while. I just stripped the coop down to clean it and found frozen eggs buried in the litter, 4 inches down. Spiteful brats.
LOL they are such ungrateful creatures!

Yeah I would look for them to be buried but sometimes there isnt really anything left of the egg. Is she getting enough water? I see mine do that if one of them knocked over the waterer and dont have water.

Also I have a hen who moves other hens eggs... apparently hers are the best and she wants nothing to do with the other eggs.
I have had a bull snake, and his sneaky friends living under my deck eating my eggs. They were living large! They will swallow the eggs whole and toss out the shell later.
What a Jerk! You should kick him and his friends out if they are going to steal!
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