The Chick Inn is finally complete

Thanks. I figured the drainage stones would make it easy to hose the area around the coop down.
Well, it's pretty AND functional. Cool. Right after we got our house, hubby poured a concrete slab. He was going to put a shed for the mower and stuff. County was real quick to see that and our property tax went up $10! Just for the slab. Hubby decided no shed after that. We just put a picnic table on it. So, we decided to put the coop on it, takes up 1/3rd of it. It's screaming DECORATE ME. There's so many creative people on this forum, I look at lovely pictures yet I can't come up with ideas. :-(
I think chickens scream "old fashion" so I would look on craigslist, ebay etc for old advertising signs that relate to poulty, old wooden chicken coops that can be propped up on the side and the place potted plants on. Old wooden feeders make great accents as well.
Take your time and don't "settle" for something you are not "crazy" about. HAVE FUN!!
WTG! Good job looks great.
Great ideas, thanks a bunch. Hubby likes old fashioned too so he would appreciate stuff like that. You kn, in case he gets kicked to the coop LOL

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