The chickens are weezing?! I need to know what you think i should do!!


8 Years
Dec 29, 2011
I went out there today and they all seem to be weezing just a little bit I had put a little bit of cedar in with the wood shavings but there is not much of it. Now that I think about it they have been sneezing to what shoudl I do! By the way I am getting some pine wood shavings tomorrow night so there won't be near as much cedar in there alough like I said there isn't much now. Also they are eating and drinking and they arn't acting any different than they were when I left but the weeze also they had just eaten right after I noticed this do you think that could have contributed to it? I am going to go back out there in a little bit and check on them.
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sounds like your birds have a cold. I would give them a heat lamp if it is cool out where you live. You can also get some oxytet (tetracycline or tylan at a feed or pet store. Pet stores also sometimes carry antibiotics for birds and can help you out. If they are getting their feet wet it may be the source of their illness.
K thanks I have a heat lamp in there but it has been really cold out there for sure! They also havn't been gettign their feet wet unless of course it rains out but it hasn't thanks I was considering that this is the first time anything like this has happend.

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