The chicks are not hatching!!

They often start pipping on Day 20 but not always. Your chicks should be fine. Try tapping the incubator and listening for and cheeping. Cheeping is a sign that they are going to pip soon! Humidity needs to be at least 65%. If you're having trouble getting to 65% then put in a wet sponge. This helps a lot!

I hope your hatch goes well!
Today is my day 20 as well!! I have 25 eggs in lockdown, 1 hatched, 1 that I assisted :D and several pips now. I heard chirping last night. I agree with everyone, listen and look carefully and (try to) be patient!!!
Yes yes yes!!! I was so excited and happy that I forgot to update my status!!! Yes yes yes, 6 chicks hatched! All healthy and happy

Oh im so happy for you!!! When did they hatch?

Mines are on their 24th day now.
They did go a bit cold so hatching is delayed a bit. Im so anxious. The eggs dont even look like they will hatch...

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