The Chicks got Moved to their Coop!


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Apr 24, 2012
New Hampshire
The chicks turned 6 weeks old this weekend and it was definitely time to move them outside into the coop! They were getting so big and messy (and bored I think)! Thankfully we finished the refurbishing just in time - not perfect, but its a coop! We are so excited/relieved because they took to the coop so easily. They really seem to be enjoying it. We got hanging waterers and feeders which is so nice to have now (not as much cleaning up and refilling). We put a tray of grit/sand in their and they have been enjoying that as well. I was worried that they would be scared, but they seem really fine each time we have checked on them. I will post pics later once I download them from the camera - but just wanted to share because we were excited :D
congrats. Mine still use a nite light, they go to bed the minute they see it. They really love it outside and get to run around and free range and just be chikens. Hope your enjoy their coop too :)
Tomorrow mine go out permanently and I'm very nervous! Lol. But they are seven weeks and making a mess of my home. Coop was finished tonight, so it is ready. Keeping my fingers crossed they will like it. :) Nice coop by the way!
Thanks for the kudos and replies! Yeah, Morgan does like to camp out and she does love the chicks, so she probably would like to sleep out there! LOL!

Passed along the kudos on the coop to DH/SO (we are not legally married, by choice, but live as such). He did put a lot of work into rehabbing that coop - it was already here when we bought the place 5 years ago, but needed lots of work to square it up, install doors, relocate the chicken door, make a ramp, put in a window, etc.

The chicks seem more friendlier since we put them out there now too - we visit with them in the coop (keeping them in for a week like people say to) and they come right over and hang out). THey did experience their first ever sever thunderstorm the other night though - so DH said they were telling him all about it this morning when he checked on them.

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