The " CLEAN ISOLATION" project..... Great.....

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    Well, I got a new polish hen about a week ago. Turns out she had lice! Uh-oh! Now EVERY single one of my chickens have it. My chickens also have mites, but only some of my chickens. My plan is to completely take all bedding out of all the coops, take all nesting boxes, feeders, other parts to chicken coops and lay them out. Spray EVERYWHERE in the coop and all add- ons like the nesting boxes and other parts with poultry protector( heard this stuff works great! Kills lice, mites,ticks, and fleas on poultry!). Let eveything dry off for a while while the chickens free range. Get an isolated cage for each chicken, spray each chicken w/ poultry protector and keep in cage for three days w/ food water and vitamins! Good lord! Please pray for me and my flock! My poor BEARDED silkie is fuzzless on his entire neck ;(
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    I'm kind of " refreshing " my flock. Any good advice for vitamins and minerals for them?
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    Aug 18, 2011

    This is a great thread for info on ALL sorts of flock illness & parasite problems.

    And PLEASE don't think that I'm picking on you - I'd have done exactly what you did if I hadn't read Speckledhen's article on adding new birds. This is exactly the sort of thing that can be avoided by a month quarantine of new birds.

    I wish I could offer some help with your particular situation. Best of luck in getting the little bloodsucking buggers gone ASAP!
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    Stupid ol lice! Thanks!

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