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The Consequences of Your Actions.

Discussion in 'Games, Jokes, and Fun!' started by cscigu, May 21, 2016.

  1. cscigu

    cscigu Chirping

    May 14, 2014
    Backstory. I'm a fan of The Bernie Mac Show, and come in to watch an episode in the afternoon, then doze off. Today Bernie was taking the kids to church to get "the fear of God" in them, but was a little smothered by the whole experience.

    As I dozed off, my wife was talking to her mom on Facetime. Mom was wanting some old pictures of our daughter for a quilt she was working on. Apparently, these were pics in frames my wife gave her years ago, that she later returned saying she didn't have the space. As you females can imagine this apparently touched a nerve somewhere. My wife replied that she didn't know where they were anymore, and added:
    "You've got to live with the consequences of your actions...."

    As I drifted off into a dream, I saw Bernie Mac and St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. My wife was approaching in the clouds. Bernie Mac nudged St. Peter and said:
    "This is the one I was telling you about. We ain't gonna have NO trouble with this woman, because she already knows: You Got To Live With The Consequences of Your Actions!"

    (Bernie Mac and St Peter laugh maniacally)

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