THE COOP IS DONE!!! Well, sort of. (Garage Coop) PIC HEAVY


11 Years
May 7, 2008
Madison-Columbus WI
So, I've been meaning to get my set up all done for quite some time and last weekend I just kicked it in gear and got it done. EVERYTHING I used was free, except for the hutch (either laying around the garage/house or free on craigslist). It is not pretty or fancy but it will do until I can convince my DW that it will be worth spending the money on a nice big coop.

I have 3 Silkies and I just got 2 (ISA Browns or Bova Browns, whatever you call them). The Silkies should be show quality for the most part and I've had them since they were chicks (I wont be showing them tho). The ISA's I got a few days ago and they are a little bit over a year old (they guy got them from The silkies are really calm and sweet but I am AMAZED at how SWEETER these ISA chickens are. I brought them and put them with the chicks the same day and they have been cuddling together with the silkies since they one. They are a little bit up because the previous owner had lots of roosters but I think that after a couple of months they will look even better.

So the coop is in a corner of my garage and I put a dog door on the back of my garage that leads to the run. THEY LOVE IT!!!

By the way the ISA Browns have been laying FROM DAY ONE - they did not skip a beat and lay really big brown eggs (sometimes 3 a day, but i for sure get at least 2).







One more thing...because I know it is coming (chicken wire and no top cover)........I HAVE NO PREDATORS (up to now, i am hoping it stays that way or I will have a big lesson to learn). I live in a residential area (houses are close together and the backyards are small). I've never seen anything other then birds, cats and squirrels.
You know it is I'll be the one who must say something...

Just to make sure you are aware, most cities have a lot more wildlife than people realize. However, these animals tend to be nocturnal and aren't often spotted during the day. Raccoons and possums are VERY common. However, fox are pretty common, too.

You'll have fewer problems than people in other areas, perhaps, but don't let that lull you into thinking that wildlife won't be a problem where you are. Wild animals adapt incredibly well to the city.
I just saw this on the predators forum last week....a lady had her chickens in a Little Tykes house with nothing to protect them except duct tape over the windows...sadly, she lost her birds to what appeared to be a racoon...she said she had never seen any predators..

unless we are sitting up all night long in our backyards, I'm sure none of us have any clue about what goes bump in the night near our coops.

It looks like a really great, creative setup...take the 1 extra step to protect your beautiful birds. You won't regret it...
Eventually I will cover the top of the run but there is NO WAY anything can get into the coop at night (the actual coop is INSIDE the garage). I have a plastic dog door cover (in the outside) and I've also made a frame with chicken wire that goes on the inside of coop covering the dog door.
When I lived in the city and had a fish pond, I had the same fish for 3 yrs UNTIL the racoons discovered them.

Waited 6 months and got more fish, killed off in a week. Waited a year and got cheap feeder fish. They lasted a month.

Moved out to 4 acres surrounded by big parcels of land, haven't seen any coons or possum in 2 yrs but it doesn't mean they're not out there.

I lock my birds up in preditor proof coop every night because it would be my fault if any get killed.
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Do you use that garage for your car? Be really, really careful about ventilation and carbon monoxide exhaust. Birds have very efficient respiratory systems and can succumb very quickly to airborne toxins. That's why they used canaries in coal mines.
I live in town and don't have my run covered either. Plus they spend most of the time outside the run. I put my coop inside the shed with a little door to the run. I lock it at night. I love how you used all free items!

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