The coop is FINALLY finished!! Feedback welcome! -Picture Heavy-


11 Years
Apr 25, 2009
South Texas
My wonderful and patient husband and I finally finished the chicken coop! Well, I should say it's 98% done. We've got to add roosts and I've got to finish staining the green roof...

Anyhow, we live in south Texas about 10 miles from the coast. That translates to "incredibly hot and humid." It only gets below freezing *maybe* 6 days a year. So that's why we chose to design the coop the way we did. In the end it will hold ~6 chickens. Feel free to give feedback, but please pull punches because we busted our butts in the smoldering heat to build it!

8' long
4' wide
4' tall

-Nesting boxes are 16" all around

-Green roof planted with Asian Jasmine

- Temp shown in picture taken during the hottest part of the day today (humidity was way lower in box than in outside air!)

-Powdery stuff is DE... trying to get a jump-start on nasty critters. Chicks will be in coop the beginning of August

- Food/Water will be hung from front support beam


view inside the coop

egg doors and other access doors

view inside nest box

underneath nest boxes

That is a good lookin' coop! Reminded me a bit of a really secure play pen!

For those below freezing days or yikes! a hurricane, you could fasten a tarp or two around two sides for more protection from the elements.
What an excellent idea! I do think though that the coop is probably even more sturdy than our house

I will make sure we have tarps on hand for cold and inclement weather days!
Reminds me of a little chicken jail! How cute! I think you should get little chicken jail outfits for them in the black and white stripes! You could call it the Poultry Pokie!


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