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Apr 23, 2013
. Here it is I'm totally excited for the baby's to arrive next week! I'm from upstate New York any one close by?
My goodness that is beautiful!! I love the coach lights. How many are you getting, and what breeds? Since you are just starting fresh, I'd love to share with you the cleanest, easiest, most odor free and cheapest bedding that you could ever have for a chicken coop and chicken run. It's construction or all purpose sand! It is what I use in my coop and run (are you going to build a chicken run for your coop?). Go here to see the wonderful healthy benefits of sand and how EASY it is to maintain!! Your chickens will be living in poop free and odor free conditions. I'm going on my 3rd year of using this method and can tell you that it is utter heaven!

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Hello, thank you for the compliment on the coop. I am building a run this weekend,totally enclosed for safety of my girls. I like the idea of sand,did you mention that it is construction sand? But would it be safe for my day old chicks to have in the coop?
Yes, it would be safe for day olds, and oh so easy to keep clean. Babies have tiny poop, so 1/4 inch hardware cloth on a stall rake or on a large kitty litter scoop is ideal. What breeds and how many are you getting??
I'm getting 10 Orpingtons and 15 goldstar, I am beside myself. All hens of course! Sooo excited!
What a beautiful coop! Congrats on getting your girls too. I have 1 Red sex link (red star), 1 gold sex link, 1 black sex link and a buff Orpington/Wyandotte cross. They are all excellent layers, I get 6 eggs per week from each most of the year. They are turning 2 and slowing down but still giving us enough. I recently bought 6 RSL's, 1 passed away at 4 days old & I sold 2 at a poultry swap. Here is a pic of the remaining 3, they are 7 weeks old

They are living in an old shower (doesn't work) until I finish my new bigger coop. I'm going with sand in the run & pine chips in the coop. I may sell 2 more of my new birds at a poultry swap since I've decided to give hatching a try. Our neighbors are fine with my birds, we keep them happy with fresh eggs. ;)
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I don't have baby Orpington pics but here are my RSL's when I brought them home

They were 4 days old, I believe I had just buried the one that passed away. <3
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