The crack in my windshield is getting bigger


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Apr 28, 2010
Why are we so afraid of things shattering? Little chips Knicks turn into cracks, growing until the glass loses its support and fails. We are so quick to replace it, the outside must stay out and the inside in, right?

But, what if by chance what we have been looking for has been waiting outside all this time? What if what we've been wanting is the wind in our face, to change the boundaries of inside and outside, or remove them completely?

People breed fear within each other, of what may lie beyond the glass, what might happen, or of the shattering. Some are comfortable. Like this, but others gaze longingly through.

While put up for a reason to begin with we become too sheltered within. Sometimes we need to be cleansed by the rain.

Whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, religiously, or however else never be too afraid to make that jump, take the dive, or let the glass shatter. Its how we learn to fly, to swim, in order to put ourselves together we need to first fall apart, and for those of you who are just lost gazing through the window dreaming, don't be afraid to break that glass and get over to the otherside just for the chance to find what you're looking for. If its not there then at least you know where its not and what direction to go next.

But in the meantime, breathe deeply and enjoy the fresh air.

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Jan 15, 2009
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My Coop
That's way too deep. Like Cancer, if you catch it early you can stop it. Glass Repair people have a substance they can put into the chip to stop it from going any further. Let's not get too heavy, man.

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