The Definitive Niacin vs. Brewers Yeast Thread

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by OldGuy43, Mar 18, 2012.

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    There's lots of advice spread around BYC, and the rest of the 'net about using brewers yeast and/or Niacin for your ducks, but there seems to be a lot of disparity about how important it is, what kind and how much to use, how and when to administer it.

    Based on the various recommendations I've read, I expect there to be a considerable amount of controversy over these issues. Let's see if we can hash out some good guidelines for the beginning duck raisers like me.

    Okay, I copy and pasted. So I'm lazy. I also have no opinion on this subject. I'd like to hear yours, and why you feel the way you do. [​IMG]

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    Flockwatcher, the link you provided is to the niacin thread. this is the niacin vs. brewers yeast thread.

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