The difference between a roo crowing and a dog barking...

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Jun 5, 2009
VA,TN,NC Tri-State area
The roo crows occasionally...the dratted neighbors dog never stops!

Two nights in a row we have been woken up and had to close our bedroom windows because they are breaking their dogs from being indoor dogs to outdoor dogs. Poor things bark at every little thing and we live in a 'holler' where there are lots and lots of little things to bark at.

So, I am tired and cranky and just want to whine about it.
I've never been able to understand the weird acoustical anomaly that causes us to be able to hear our neighbors' dog bark, when they, apparently, can't. I got revenge, though. Our coop, with three roosters, is much closer to their house than ours.

Come to think of it, maybe that's what their dog is barking at . . .

there is someone who lives close to here that every night their dog starts barking about 10 pm and stops about ohhhhh, 4 am. no joke. EVERY NIGHT! it's ridiculous.
Update on the barking dog and now I am tired, cranky and flaming!

Our house and theirs sit kitty-korner to each other with a 15 acre pasture in between. So they are on one corner, we are on the other. I rent this pasture for my horses.

In the pasture is a 6x4 dog kennel that the property owner uses to keep the horses away from the well cap. Pretty smart if you ask me

DH is CONVINCED that they are going out there at night and putting their dog in this kennel. The kennel is just about 1/2 way in between our houses.

See, they got this new dog just a few weeks ago and I figure its driving them nuts at night so they are putting him out after dark. The kennel is down hill from them which makes the sound carry away from them and right into our bedrooms.

When DH woke last night, he went out for a smoke break and said that he was certain thats where the noise coming from.

This wont surprise me because last year, they were putting a billy goat in the kennel until I couldnt take the constant crying of a lonely goat and went over and bought it from them to put in with my goats.

And no they didnt ask permission to put a goat or any other animal in this kennel.

Ugh! Some people.
No Contest.ROO anytime. darn dogs x 3! bark continually!........... I a a big dog love... BUT 2 years down the line... am getting rather fed up!!!! haven't complained thus far..... but it is coming!

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