The difference between barred rocks and dominiques?


7 Years
Apr 11, 2014
De Leon, Texas
I can't tell the difference of my little month olds. I am pretty sure they're barred rocks but then again I'm not good at telling which is which.
Some of my barred/doms have bare backs, and I've sat for hours on end to see if the others are picking at the backs, but they're not. Like some have regular feathered backs but then there's other like in the pic that have barely any little feather stubs growing, as if its just now starting to grow. I've checked for mites/parasites and haven't found any either.

Also I have this cornish bantam, I'm not sure what color he is. I named him corny because he's not quite white but not really buff. Thoughts?

Yes! I thought they were. Even though I sorta wish I would have gotten some dominiques. Any idea on how to sex them at this age?
They honestly look like males to me.

Female barred rocks would be darker (less white barreds) and males are more white, like yours, and yours are growing combs already.
Well I have more(probably roosters) but at least I know, too many times have I wanted roosters but had gotten hens. Hopefully my little silkies and at least one of my cornish are hens though.
They're more than likely cockerels..
I've put up different ads on buy trade groups in my area but everyone wants to trade me a rooster for a hen and rooster out of my little flock. But I already have a nice rooster and I want to sell a few of my little roos..*sigh* They're the friendliest little things ever but I don't need anymore roosters, lol.
Good news today I have finally found someone to take the little roosters! He just wants them for pets, but that's fine by me. Has a coop and everything for them.

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