~The Duck Pond~


Nov 28, 2018
My House
This is my pond. Welcome. You can role-play:caf, chat:frow:fl, post pictures:jumpy, and do anything here:pop! I will rank you accordingly. If you want to start a role-play at the duck pond, post the instructions, and start roleplaying. I really hope the Duck Pond is a popular thread! Have fun here!:hugs The head committee of the duck pond is so:

(White one): Daffy, President of the BYC duck committee

(Multicolored twins): (Dark beak): Obsidian; (Orange beak): Harvey, Secretary and VP

(Brown Multicolored w/ black beak): Graham Cracker; Treasurer.


If anyone wants to join the BYC duck committee, feel free to PM me!:)

Have Fun at the Duck Pond:):p:hugs:woot:pop:highfive::wee:ya:celebrate

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