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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by ZakoHero, Jan 17, 2013.

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    Jan 3, 2010
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    My brother couldn't bear the though of eating eggplant. Then one day we made him some sliced breaded eggplant, which he enjoyed. But he never wanted us to tell anyone he ate it. He was an interesting person. [​IMG]

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    My dad never tried yogurt, a life time with zero yogurt :/
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    Feb 22, 2015
    I am new to ducks.. I have researched alot, and have 5 right now 1 white pekin, 2 "i think are khaki cambells, and 2 "mystery ducks? but can anyone help me with a few questions? first when a duck"goes broody? what is that is it when its ready to breed? Second is there any way to the sex of chicks? Third, when do they start laying eggs?
  4. Saw something on the cooking channel. Bizarre foods maybe. The place only used cricket flour for all their baking. Cookies bread goodies etc.
  5. 1. Broody wants to sit on eggs to hatch regardless of copulation. 2. Not that im aware of. 3. Depends on the breed age and possibly climate. My mallards started laying in the middle of winter. Awful sunny days. Geez. Can we see pics of the mystery ducks?
  6. harkey1995

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    Feb 22, 2015
    The far right one "the yellow" is the pekin. the duck on the far right, and the duck beside the pikin are what i believe to be khaki cambells, and the two light brown/ tan ducks in the middle are the mystery ducks.

  7. harkey1995

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    Feb 22, 2015
    I am actually going to have a video up soon of them and you can see them a little bit better.

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    I'll probably give them a few when I dig up the garden. Should keep them for the soil but I just love watching get all thrilled when the worms arrive. Of course, if those darn KCs keep getting out, I think I'll only give them to the others. They learned how to go airborne yesterday. I'm deciding what to do with the little _arts. They do fly back when I go out and persuade them but the other two ducks (Pekin and Rouen/Khaki mix) get a little freaked when they fly out.
    I just ordered those little ones (no KCs) who are arriving next week. My husband isn't too thrilled due to Winchester and Browning's infraction.
    At the moment all four are taking a nap by my office.
    I hope I can persuade the next batch to be more friendly. Of course, when the join with the present crew, they'll probably get skittish also. Phooey!

    Hey, Miss Lydia. I used to live in Texas. If I ever move again, I'm going back. Not to Austin though. My hubby was at Bergstrom AFB. I am a dedicated country gal and would have to find a place with at least 5 acres and not in another city.
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    If you take a couple of people with you and have them walk in the right spot, no one will notice. Or.....borrow the neighbors hellion kids and have them walk with you to take some of the heat off of you and focus it on them! LMAO :))
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    Just make sure he can't get to the diaper this time [​IMG]

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