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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by ZakoHero, Jan 17, 2013.

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    what is the name of the vitamins?
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    It's vitamins and electrolytes plus by agrilabs I got it off of Amazon someone recommended it to me on a different thread
  4. ducklove290, the only thing I can find online by Agrilabs is a product called Niacin Energy Drench which is formulated for cattle. I am pretty sure that is not what you got. I also looked back at earlier postings and can not find anything that you posted with a product name so if you could repost the actual product name we can move forward from there.
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    [​IMG] having problems uploading an image, so let's see if this works. Our peeps :)
  6. O.K. According to the package that contains 5,000 mg of Niacin but the package is to be diluted with 128 gallons of water. I would not sprinkle that on their food at all. If you want to dilute it in water you are going to need a pretty high end scale. To make one gallon of solution you would only use .03 oz of the package contents (= to .85 grams). Don't know how you would measure that without a pharmaceutical scale. And I am not sure how they would react to the other contents at their age. Also, trying to measure that small of an amount and assure you are getting a balance of the contents will be near impossible.

    I would suggest that you go to someplace like GNC and just get a jar of Brewers Yeast. Cost about 10 bucks and you sprinkle it on their food straight from the jar. Do not get yeast like you use in baking and do not get yeast that is actually used in brewing beer.

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    "Inactive" Brewers yeast, debittered Brewers yeast (also inactive) or nutritional yeast (also inactive....
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    I noticed that one of my 8 week old Rouens has a single curly tail feather (pictured in the pool between the Pekings). Does this mean we have a drake? None of the other ducks have one. :)
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    Mar 22, 2014
    that is the telltale sign of a male. They are soo cute floating.

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