the eggs are coming today!

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    first time incubating eggs. I have 8+ being delivered today (over night shipping). I'm not really sure what to expect. have the genesis hovabator 1588 with egg turner going and I sit here (not so) patiently awaiting the arrival of my eggs. excited and nervous. [​IMG] hoping I do this right.

    I read that the eggs have to sit at room temp before adding them to the incubator. Any suggestions?

    I welcome any tips from experienced chicken lovers...
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    Good luck!
    I too am getting an incubator + eggs today. I'm renting the incubator from a local farm. This will be my very first hatch too.. probably my only hatch as I live in the subarbs. Lol. I wanted to try something new. I am getting a total of a dozen eggs. Imagine all 12 hatching.. eeek. But I know it might not happen so I'm not getting my hopes up too high. I am hoping to get them around 12pm. lunch time. Egg salad any one? (Just kidding)

    I haven't heard about letting them sit @ room temperature though. Hmm. Perhaps someone can help you as I am a newbie to hatching.

    We can hatch em together and see what happens...

    I am questioning myself should I get trader joe's eggs as well to test the theory. lol.
    I am also making a documentary about my eggventure!
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