11 Years
Jun 3, 2008
upper peninsula
Ever since he was small and a roost fell on him, I have been telling him that he will "Rule the roost". My OH says, "Do you think hes just big or do you think hes big because you pay so much attention to him?" I think it is a combo of both. Here is my ROO. He was 5 months old the 21st of sept. I think hes beautiful.
I noticed the other day that he enforces for me. I read on here that you should not let any roosters mount any hens when you are in the yard. So, I have been doing that. Trying to stop it. HA, they are very fast. I cant catch them.....BUT. ROO, after noticing the dilemma and me shouting and running after the roosters when they tried to do this, has decided to pick up where I leave off (usually panting). He will then run past me (having just stood there and watched the whole spectacle) and peck the offending rooster on the head while growling. Isnt he a doll? Here he is as a baby.....

and here he is as that 5 month old. What a handsome guy.
I think he does too. Such a beautiful gold orange color. And the color is pretty uniform through out. I just wish his ears were not white.

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