The Evilness of it all!!!


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Aug 25, 2008
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No that was for scale for out of state relatives that a: can't believe I have house chickens and b: have NO idea what a silkie is. Julip is my head silkie roo.
My goodness.....look at those dark beady eyes. But, DON'T look long!!! Yes, they look adorable at first glance. A cutesie type of "cuddle me" look. Soft feathering, almost fur like.

But, just LOOK at the way they stare into the camera.... I think it's a plot to lure you into their little "Silkie World". And you brought that into your house, into a BEDROOM, is that a TEENAGERS BEDROOM!?

For heavens sakes Deb, what were you thinking! I don't even know who you would call for matters of this nature!

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