The feed store didn't order chick Developer this week


10 Years
Feb 22, 2009
I am on my last feeder fill of Developer. I have 4 1/2 week old BR and 6 wk old EE's and BO's. I went to the other feed store in town and they sell Nutrena that goes right to "layer" feed after "starter" feed. I bought one bag to get by. The store can order a non medicated 16% feed, but they don't have it in stock. Am I good to go w/ the layer feed or should I have him order the other?
yeah starter is the next best for that age if they don't have grower... I also buy for my young ones something called "flock raiser" .... not sure if they have that there.... but if they aren't laying, don't get layer..
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Thank you for your reply and info. I'll return the layer feed tomorrow and get a bag of starter to hold off until the grower feed comes in. I sure appreciate all the help on this forum!!!!!! THANKS

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