The First and the only one little egg help

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    Oct 2, 2011
    here is the first egg

    Last year i bought a fair of Rat Graves Leiper Gamefowl but i used the hen mix with my white asil.
    Then she had layed 10 eggs after hatched she got 9 baby chicks 5 brown and 4 white color.
    At the first day i took them out of the nest and put them in a little coop everything Ok on that day
    the mama teaching chicks ate and all looking good mama. The second day in the morning i to give them some more food
    everything look Ok but around noon i came back I saw the mama try to kill the white chicks 2 died 1 laying down with no feather on the head
    another 1 ran away from the coop.Then i took that 2 to keep them separation. First i thought the 1 with no feather on the head going to died,
    but she not the third day she open the eyes and ate and continue her live until now she got 9 month of age. she layed the first egg at sep-28
    and that the only 1 i had from her. i keep all the hen separate 1 hen 1 rooster in 1 coop, The rooster is 14 month old
    I don't know she gona lay more or not because until now is 9 days already. Does anyone know ?
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