The fox and the rooster

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    Sep 5, 2011
    This happened to me last fall and was the inspiration to get chickens.
    I live in a small town population of about 10,000. Within the city is a few acres of wooded land. Kinda like central park but allot smaller. I live about two blocks from there. My neighbor had R.I. reds 4hens 1rooster. They would get out allot . We would see them cross the street, walking the neighborhood, in my yard all over the place. All of a sudden the hens started to dissappear one by one until they were all gone except for the rooster.
    One night it was late about 10:30pm and I herd the rooster make all kinds of sounds in my front yard so I grabbed the flashlight by the front door, turned on the front porch light and ran out the door. In the middle of the street I saw a fox dragging off the rooster. I shined the flashlight on it and I must have scared the fox cause it dropped the rooster and ran up the street. And there the rooster was laying lifeless in the middle of the street. Three houses up the street sat the fox under the street lamp just watching and waiting. I ran out to the middle of the street to see the rooster and it was'nt moving at all and I just stood there by him.
    My neighbor is a hermit so he does'nt leave his house very much and I've never seen him answer his door. I thought if I tried to go get him that I would'nt have enough time to get back to the rooster. I would shine the flashlight up the street and would see the fox shinny eyes just waiting for the right time to snatch the rooster back up and take off so I just stood there trying to figure out what to do. I did not want the fox to get the rooster even if he was dead. About 10 min. later I shinned the flashlight on the rooster and swore I saw him blink. I looked at his chest and saw him breath. Very slowly and shallow. Then the blinks and the breathing got faster and after a few min. I leaned down and touched the rooster and he popped up so fast it startaled me. He just stood there right next to me like nothing had happened at all.So we both slowly started to walk twards my neighbors when out of the corner of my eye saw the fox running paralell with the fence line of my neighbor across the street following us. I lifted the flashlight over my head swinging it and yelling I ran twards the fox. It ran off down the street and just kept going not to see it again. The rooster just stood and watched. Almost like he trusted me. I walked back to him and we both walked slowly to my neighbors door. I rang the door bell and yelled SCOTT, THE FOX ALMOST GOT YOUR ROOSTER! A few seconds later he was out the door with the rooster in his arms. He thanked me for saving his rooster and they both went in the house. I was kinda pleased with myself and was very glad the rooster was O.K. He lost all of his tail feathers all but one and had a spot of blood on his crown but besides that he was fine.
    He did get 4 more hens and once again they started to get out of his yard so I figured they might be hungry. So I started feeding them. Chicken feed and scratch. Also some treats. They have not left the yard since.
    Today I have 4 B.O. hens of my own and love them so much. But I love the hens next door and that big R. I. red rooster I hear every morning.

    sorry about the spelling.
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    Cool story! I've heard of animals playing possum, sounds like a smart roo. Thanks for sharing!
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    Very cool story! [​IMG] Thank you for sharing. We like it when the bird wins around here. [​IMG]

    And [​IMG]
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    Apr 29, 2011
    Great story. That rooster was one lucky boy.

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    May 24, 2011
    What a nice read, enthralling. Thanks for posting it [​IMG]
  6. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    What a story! Good thing the fox didn't come after you!

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