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    Feb 9, 2012
    Trying to eat healthy? Loose weight? Or just stay in shape? Join the club! This post is for helping each other by being supportive and helping by sharing excercises, healthy recipies, or all around fitnes plans. I will start with my story. I am thin, and NOT over weight, but I will admit, I eat/like sweets. Who doesn't? But lately, I have been getting sick to my stomach just looking at a sweet treat. Ugh. BUT I found my solution. EAT HEALTHY! Lol, no duh... Any way, I feel so much better by not pigging out, and eating healthy foods more than sweets. Like I will have a granola bar with blueberries in it, instead of a chocolate cookie. 90 Cal.s vs. probably 120 Cal.s! It's easy! Okay, please join to help others! Share progress, and have fun!
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    Aug 12, 2009
    Some things my dd likes to have are:
    mini carrots with ranch
    plain rice cake with hummus
    caramel rice cake with cream cheese
    peanut butter(just peanuts no salt,sugar,or hydrogenated oils added) with granny smith apples
    grilled chicken breast wrapped in a pita with lettuce and low cal mayo
    hazelnut chocolate spread(check ingredients) on toast,bagel,or with a few pretzels for dipping.
    kale chips or seaweed snack.
    instant oatmeal with some raisins tossed in.
    a plate of fresh fuit
    grapes with cheese and crackers

    Time for school.............

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