The ghost of computer six, a true story

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    In class today, we went to the computer lab to do research for a paper we have to write in the near future. As I took notes on Biodiesel and hybrid cars, I looked up at the screen to see that my cursor was moving on its own! Looking at the actual mouse, I saw that nobody was touching it. I clicked on the search bar and started typing in a question about Hybrid cars. Moving my mouse to click on a link, a peer beside me asked a me question. I let go of the mouse just before clicking the link and rattled off a decent and correct answer. I turned back to the screen and my cursor moved again and went to the scrolling bar to pull it down. It went in various directions and then stopped. Me, being the girl who had just stayed up all night reading a novel about ghosts, uttered a low "Oh my god," just loud enough for Collin beside me to hear. "What?" He asked, obviously interested. "My cursor is moving on its own. I swear I'm not touching ANYTHING." I told him. He went back to his work. I turned back to my monitor and moved my mouse back to the link. "Onicha!" My best friend Lori said behind me. I turned to her to see she had written a reply to the story. I grabbed the notebook and turned back to my monitor to write a reply when, out of nowhere, my cursor moved to the Search bar and started typing. Obviously freaked out, I uttered another "Oh my god" as the computer typed, all on its own, "Are you a student at LMS?" Scared, I typed "Yes. A friend told me about this. I'm not scared." back into the search bar. The computer deleted my writing and typed a reply. "Get to work then!" It told me. "Collin. My computer is talking to me." I said to my acquaintance. "Look." I pointed at the search bar, which the ghost had hit Enter. I clicked on the bar again and typed out a reply. "I finished my research. Can you stop messing with me?" "Sure you did." "HEY! I am VERY honest, thank you very much!" The cursor moved to the Minimize button and promptly exited Safari. I raised my hand and waited for Mrs. Swing to come to me. "Mrs. Swing... my computer is talking to me." I said. "And it also Minimized the web browser." "Someone's probably just messing with you from the High School." She replied and waved it away. Confused, I re-entered the web browser and watched as it typed a reply to my defense. "Are you a 6th grader?" "No, I'm a seventh grader." "Figures." My eye twitched and I turned to Lori with the notebook, having written a reply. "Maggimichero-chan." I said in Japanese, waving the notebook behind her. She turned around and took the notebook to write another reply. "Thanks." I turned back to my computer. "Are you an eight grader?" I typed furiously, misspelling "eighth". "It's spelled "eighth". Get your spelling right." The possessed Mac corrected. "HEY!" I typed angrily, "This is an aspiring author you're talking to!" I motioned for Lori to come look at the monitor as the computer said its reply. "Lori. My computer is possessed." I said. Robert and her came over to my seat as Collin looked at my monitor. It didn't respond. "I swear it was typing to me a minute ago!" I said. They went back to their work and several people told me to ask it if it was: God, a demon, God again, and about five more demons and Erica told me I was probably just hallucinating. Refusing to believe it, I turned back to my screen and watched in amazement and slight fear as the cursor moved, all on its own. 'If only I hadn't actually looked up the school website' I thought, turning slightly pale. In trying to find my school's website, I had seen a search option about a '[school name] Middle School Ghost", but had no time to look it up myself. But as I tried to go back to work, something told me there was much more to computer six than alphabetical order.

    ~Tell me if you wanna hear more! It's up to you if you want the eerie story or the... er, mirth-y story.
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    Oh yeah by the way, leave your comments on what you think the ghost is! ^^
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    At my school you can message anyone in the school division and set up a chat room. I'm not sure about controling a computer though, only certain computers have the ability to do that.
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    Jul 10, 2010
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  5. oh i've heard of this. sometimes teachers do it to make sure students stay on task [​IMG]

    we high schoolers are very tech savy and love messing around with you guys [​IMG]
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    Weird! [​IMG]
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    Maybe someone hacked into the school system with a rootkit. But it could have been a hallucination.
  8. Quote:no, i believe there is a program that allows screen sharing like that

    once a similar thing happened to my brother when he was in the 8th grade. he was messing around on a school laptop (the class was using the portable lab) and the teacher saw what he was doing using that screen sharing thing and click out of the page he was on [​IMG]
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    I was using a cordless mouse once and when I would try to click here to type a reply, it would go up and click on other tabs. The darn thing kept on messing me up and my PC kept on freezing up.
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    VNC or teamspeak. [​IMG]

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