The Good The Bad and The Ugly

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    That's the way I see things on this month's eggs I set 7 days ago (44 chicken, 7 peafowl, and 12 Ayam Cemani).

    The Good: I candled the 44 eggs and only 3 were unfertiled, the other 41 are alive and kicking.

    The Bad: I candled the 7 peafowl eggs (10th day today) and are as clear as water. This is my first time with peafowl, when should they be candled? I guess at list some little veins should of been seen. More than likely unfertiled eggs. I'll give them another week of incubation for second candling since they take from 28-30 days to hatch.

    The Ugly: My Ayam Cemani.....arrrgghh.... ordered the eggs from the bay for the hatch a long, 3 days passed by and never received an item shipped notification, messaged seller and didn't answer, next day I received an email of a refund. I messaged him again and finally he replied saying his chickens had stopped producing and couldn't complete my order. I was excited waiting for my eggs since it was first time withe Cemanis and had ordered them for the hatch a long. At least got my money back but missed the hatch a long.
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