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After hearing from many of you that treats are ok for 4 week olds, tonight after dinner, I chopped up left over tomatoes and dropped them in the brooder.

"the sky is falling get out of the way!"

running around in circles "ohmygod, ohmy god, ohmygod"

sitting on the roost " yeah whatevah"

The smart one "peck peck peck, YUM this is good!"
I was doing the same to my roosters today. They were outside the garden fence and I was tossing split open cherry tomatoes at them.
hehehehe they are so funny when the get a new thing. My girls are not crazy about tomatoes but toss a piece of summer squash in there and it is on!

They love Squash, oatmeal, pasta and steamed rice, white is ok but brown is preferred.
And they love fruit of course.
My 4- week olds lovin them fresh 'mators too! We are over run with fresh canalopes in our garden...I crack the over-ripes open every morning and they quickly hull them out. far bits of boiled chicken is their favorite. (No relation to them)
The rest of the evening they danced around these little tomato bits like it was some weird thing that tastes good, but what damage will it do?? They are sooooo funny!
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