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Jul 24, 2016
Welcome to the guinea pig thread! Where piggy lovers come together, post pictures of their little piggies and share funny things your piggy has done. I have two guinea pigs, Stripes and Willow. Here are their backstories, lol.

Stripes: I remember the day we got him. It was June 20th at about 3:00. It was at PetSmart and there were new babies piggies for sale. I was the very first one to pick from them, he was different. All the others were black and white or gray, but he's black and white and brown (Willow kind of looks like the reverse of him). He has always loved to sit on top of his hut. Stripes is two years old now and his birthday is April 7th.

Willow: We got Willow from Petco her old owners left her there. We had Stripes (And my sisters guinea pig Domino) so we thought, we can take one more. She is by far the sweetest, and Stripes is pretty friendly. We got her last year somewhere in November. She used to live in a storage container (Without the lid of course) but she now has her own cage! It was from one of our other pigs, Rapunzel (She was a long hair) but we got her from one of our friends, a dog groomer, and Rapunzel's owner would take her to get her groomed. She was moving and couldn't take her. But she has passed away, we think it's because she missed her owner.

So these are my piggies stories, share yours and post pictures of your pigs! I'll show you Stripes and Willow.

Willow and Rapunzel. These are photos from my guinea pig photo shoot. Domino is here too.
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