the harm one skunk can do, even if not to chickens

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    people exposed to rabid Roosevelt County-dog [1:55 p.m.]
    osted: 07/28/2011 01:53:56 PM MDT

    A dog in Portales was attacked by an aggressive skunk in early July.

    Last week the dog died from rabies.

    The New Mexico Department of Health is warning pet and livestock owners in Roosevelt County and the surrounding areas to make sure their animals are vaccinated.

    Nine people were exposed to the rabid dog and now must receive the rabies vaccination, the health department reported.

    “People will need to be treated and vaccinated to prevent them from getting rabies, pets may have to be destroyed and people have been needlessly exposed to a very dangerous, fatal disease because pets have not been vaccinated against rabies,” Department of Health Cabinet Secretary Dr. Catherine Torres said in a release.

    So please be careful of what you are releasing in your neighbors yard. Just wanted to voice my opinion about the dangers of some pests.
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    Oct 5, 2010
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    Wow. There is a skunk around my house. Hope it doesn't have rabies cuz it has been friendly when i have slept in tents and it comes by the tents. Better watch my dogs and chickens. [​IMG]
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    Quote:One of the most telltale rabies symptoms in a skunk will be its atypical behavior, as the normally nocturnal animal will be out in the daylight hours. Anyone that sees a skunk ambling around in the daylight should automatically fear the worst, as the skunk is a shy and retiring creature that forages for food in the cover of darkness. Even though the skunk may not show symptoms such as aggressiveness, the fact that it is plainly visible in the daytime, and makes no effort to conceal itself points to rabies usually being the culprit.
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    my advice honestly get your cat/ dog boostered anyway its recomended they should get a booster when they tangle with a wild animal. If its unknown if they cross paths or you suspect your dog / cat may have killed a wild animal they should be boostered i know this is difficult if you have farm animals for predator control I routinely check our dog and cats for injuries as they are on the prowl at night keeping unwanted pests at bay.

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