The hen that started it all


Jul 21, 2016
[/IMG] this lady was given to us 2 weeks ago by a family that knew very little about how to care for chickens. Her whole flock became dinner for a fox :( they gave her to us coop and all to start our backyard flock. Anyone have any guesses as to what breed she is? Also the feathers on her back look like they were cut, perhaps from the attack or mites?
Her back looks like rooster damage. If there aren't enough hens to keep a roo busy, he overbreeds them to the point of damage. You can get her a hen saddle/ apron that she can wear and it will protect her back while new feathers grow in.

I'm not certain but, looks like a Black Australorp to me as well. They are great layers
If she is your only bird, it might be an idea to get some additional adult chickens to keep her company, as chickens are social animals.
We were thinking black austalorp as well :) thanks guys from what we have been told she has never been around a rooster, she sure isn't now, unless one of the 18 week pullets is being tricky lol

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