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    Sep 17, 2016
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    Does anyone know? Or please direct me. I made an egg catch in my coop to catch the eggs after laying. My birds are new to laying and I was checking the drawer in the beginning for eggs, but there was never any in there. Today I was looking for eggs and just happened to look in the drawer and found 4 eggs [​IMG]!!! The question is they could have been there for 2 or three weeks. Are they safe? The drawer when closed, is dark, cool and has a little air flow thru it. The eggs. look wonderful, but I don't want anyone sick. Will floating alone tell if they are good or not? You can bet I will be opening the drawer everytime now! Thanks for any help you guys/gals can provide! [​IMG]
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    2-3 week old eggs are fine to eat, as many people don't refrigerate their eggs.
    I keep mine on the counter but DO refrigerate the eggs I intend to sell.
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    We have couple of baskets full of eggs on our dining counter, we keep them there for couple of weeks but we sell and consumed them before a week is over, we tell our customers how old our eggs are. Eggs will be okay not refrigerated for over 3 wks as long as they're not washed. Most store bought eggs are over a month old.

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