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    I purchased three new birds recently and it was time to introduce them to my birds, I know it is not rocket science but it was the first time for me. I first placed the cage in the coop in the shade for about an hour, them moved them to the coop and closed the door off with a wire door. There was a lot of interest in the new arrivals my lead hen came and checked them out and decided it was OK, however the lowerer on the totem pole hens were very aggressive acting. My little bantam roo Orlie fell in love with them!!!( a black cochin, and 2 light Brahmas a pair).

    This is Orlie

    I them sectioned off the run and brought the new kids out. In my haste, the 2 low ranked SLW got into the new side and started to attack the new ones!! They are usually so submissive it shocked me. I separated them, no harm done to any of them. Now three days later things seem better or calm. Orlie has decided to stay with the new group and seems to get along with the new Roo. DH laughs and tells me it is because they new ones are all his size and the cochin is beautiful!!.


    Here is the new three.

    How long will I need to keep the fence up?? I think I will rehome the 2 SLW not only for the fighting but they have never warmed up to us at all. Always act like we are going to beat them.


    This is a picture of the hen Brahma
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    Pretty birds... those wyandottes almost look Columbian.

    ...and the one is a roo for sure.
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    Apr 29, 2010
    That first picture is gorgeous! I'm continually amazed at how beautiful chickens can be - I had no idea I'd feel that way a year ago [​IMG]
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    I keep mine separated where they can see and get close without fighting for at least a week. Even then there will be some fighting when they can get at each other. Don't interefere unless it gets bloody because they will have to work out rankings eventually.

    I toss scratch and other snack along the fence line so they get real close and get used to each other as much as possible.
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    I also keep mine separated for at least a week, usually two weeks. I just set up an integration/separation area around one of the "coop" buildings where I put 'em, so they have a bit of run to themselves, but within the greater run so everybody else can come see them. There is usually some chest bumping through the poultry fencing, and some head bobbing and sideways challenges, but nobody can get to anybody, really. By the time I take down the temporary fence, the original flock hardly cares there are new members mingling with them. A little dashing when somebody new tries to muscle in at treat time, because the originals feel the newbie must hang out at the perimeter.

    If my BO hadn't gone broody and hatched a chick in the A-Frame coop, that would have been my integration/separation facility.... so the last time I added adolescent chicks, I appropriated the Duck House. Now I have four MORE to add this weekend, and I was out of housing. So I picked up a Little Tike Playhouse and will be making that into the newest group's sanctuary.
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    My rooster is starting to do this to but he puts his wing out and stamps around me. How can I stop it? He is a four month old Golden Buff and he just started doing it this week. He normally lets me pick up him and the hens but today I couldn't touch either [​IMG]
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    He's feeling his testosterone, that's for sure! He's doin' a little flamenco dance to tell you that you are his hen! Watch out. [​IMG]

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