The Invisible Welcome Mat Is Out Again..


10 Years
Mar 27, 2009
Cabarrus Co.
I am now the proud owner of 5, yes, 5, 6-8 week old kittens.

They came out of the woods, or the old 30's house that sits abandonded at the back of the landlord's properties here.
No one has a pregnant cat around here, not even the ferals, so why they showed up today has everone baffled.
We're thinking drop off, the landlord told us to take care of them, even in the house.

He's a super cool guy who loves our chickens and doesn't care if they bother anyone else. (There are other mobile homes that live very close to our property that he also owns, and told us that we don't have to move the pen and tractor so that the roo's don't bother anyone.)

So, we have 5 fairly healthy kittens sleeping in the kitchen in a very large kennel carrier.
1 is a grey tabby/calico mix, 2 are solid black, (one is very sick, I'm doing all I can for him, retired vet tech.)
Our resident kitty is taking this VERY hard. She's THE alpha, and the house is hers, until now. She doesn't like it, but she's going to have to get used to the teenies. They need help and care and she's just going to have to deal with it for now.
2 are blonde tabbies who are just precious and now we have a full house. 5 humans, 6 cats, 14 heart is full.
Yeah for you! I have 6 rescue cats. Thank you for taking them in. Just today I picked up a neighbors 18 year old cat from the vet. They weren't taking care of her, and she was chewed up by another cat or raccoon. Half her face was missing.

Imp- I guess I now have 7 cats.
Well, the sick one didn't make it through the night.
Poor little thing was just too sick to get through the night. He slept for a long time on my chest, then I put him in the kennel with his brothers and sisters and he passed.

The other 4 are doing well, eating, drinking, pooping and playing. The largest male is solid black and is trouble with a capital T.
the other male is a blonde/buff color and very laid back. He also loves belly rubs and goes completely boneless when he's relaxed.

The two females are tiny. I'm guessing that this was a drop off, because they are so much smaller than the two males. They're about 4-5 weeks, not 8 weeks like the two males. They're eating, but are sleeping much more than they're awake.They're so sweet, and those little purrs that come out when they're full, tired and sleepy..

Today's been about recovery, so tomorrow, they're getting baths, worming, ear cleaning and pics.
They're sound asleep now, and it's just so sweet to see them sleeping.
Nie to meet you fellow stray magnet. I swear they smell me or something. Do they park in front anyone elses closed fence??? Nope, just mine. I even had a chicken relocate herself to my flock. I have no CLUE where she came from but she is about the nicest bird I have ever "owned".

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