The issues of chick rearing that we should pay attention to


Jul 15, 2016
Chick rearing is the first step to do a lot of poultry farmers, the scope of day-old chicks is how much? Chick management should pay attention to what the problem? Refers to 1-6-week-old chick chicken, chick stage throughout the growing season is the most critical stage, in addition to trying to make the normal growth and development of the chick, chickens and tidy, the key is to reduce mortality and improve survival.
What preparations do chick rearing generally includes three aspects of the house and utensils thoroughly cleaned with 0.1% potassium permanganate solution or a solution, such as 10-20% lime spray disinfectant;? To carry out pre-heating the house, so that room temperature is maintained in the range of 30-33 ℃, at the same time pay attention to ventilation; ready to feed, lights, manger, drinking water and so on.

How to choose when feeding the chick rearing methods is very important, commonly used methods are breeding hens with underground hotbed, thick padding, insulation umbrella feeding, medium feeding. Livestock global brand network Xiaobian recommendation, after large-scale farming can choose both, raising chickens is better.

How to open water when feeding chick chick? Open water before the shallow trays and plastic sheeting spread on the ground or online, the modulation good cracked corn, broken rice and other feed, evenly sprinkle on top and let it feed. Can also be used to increase the brightness of light, it has been opened with a few open food when eating chick guide, as well as with "Oh ......" the voice guidance and other chicks feeding.

Feeding chickens in management, to maintain proper temperature and humidity to the right, pay attention to ventilation, proper lighting, the density should be reasonable, environmental sanitation management. Chick disease resistance is weak, their immune system is not yet fully formed, so that at the right time to give the chick vaccination.

Chick rearing process, it is inevitable to have a transfer group of the action, this time to pay attention, put away after the first transfer group coop feed and water, chicken to be able to eat and drink. Flocks will be quieter, and fed vitamin C or 2-3 days of antibiotics in feed, in order to reduce stress and enhance resistance. At the same time sheds light dimmer, continuous lighting for more than 48 hours in order to have enough time to eat chicken, drinking. Chicken also disturbed less.
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Good morning and :welcome. Some of the advice you've given, I agree with. Some, I do not. None of my chickens have ever been vaccinated. I have given antibiotic to a few, only if they were VERY sick. I have a "Sink Or Swim" philosophy. If my chicks are not from a strong bloodline, they have no place in my flock. These are just personal choices. I am not a veterinarian and all I have learned has been self taught.

So, how about you.....How many chickens do you have?
How long have you been keeping chickens?
What breeds do you have?


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