The keet finaly got to go outside

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    Oct 1, 2009
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    it November and it was 50deg out side here in northern Minnesota. The keet ive had given to me that has been living in the fish tank in my living room finally got to go out side this afternoon. It still to small to go out with the other birds so we let it run around near them in a separate pen, the one dog proof Guinea was going nuts, a new friend!! The other chickens were not interesting just the guinea. Soon as i finish my new coop the little guy will get moved out with the big birds in a cage until he/she is big enough to be with them. The funny thing is the new guinea is totally cool with people, my 18month old was picking him up and kissing him so cute! My son needs to be a little more mellow too excited. He loves his birds cant wait until he can talk chicken with me!!!!!![​IMG]
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