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  1. Back in March, I sold several of my cochins & brahmas to a woman who lives about 45 minutes away in another town. Today, she called our message machine & said that she'd heard about what happened to my flock. I think it's because we're in a small town?? Anyway, she is going to be bringing me one cochin hen, one brahma hen, one brahma roo & one cochin roo, BACK! For FREE! She said she does want hatching eggs from them, though.

    I was almost in tears. [​IMG] But in a good way. Now, I will have FOUR ADULT BIRDS again! I'm not sure what to tell hubby (if anything). I think I'll just slip them in & see if he notices. [​IMG]

    I don't even know this woman, other than I sold her birds months ago...

    I'm going to get her a nice card...and I'm not sure what she likes because I don't even know her! But I'm sooo excited! [​IMG]
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    That is sooo nice and I love to hear of acts of kindness. There are still many good people out there and it is refreshing to hear such things instead of all the terrible stuff.
  3. I know...I had to replay the message several times. Now I just have to beat hubby home & delete it, LOL

    I'm going to call her in a few minutes....[​IMG]
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    What happened to your flock?
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    That is really nice.[​IMG]
  6. Okay...she said she went to get her lab work done (blood work) and my MIL was the nurse who did the blood draw. I guess chickens came up somewhere in the conversation (MIL has them too) and the woman realized that she had bought some of hers from that's how she found out! [​IMG] Small town!

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