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    Sep 3, 2010
    We've just had our rabbits outside for a few weeks now since our rabbit "condo" was finished. They each have their own box and an out door area. Originally anyway. We have four rabbits, two of which are sisters. So the two sisters are now rooming in a bigger section since we set it up to be able to take out the living quarter dividers. (I should take pictures because it'll make so much more sense then.) Cinnamon and Nutmeg are the sisters. Leo is our...horny little guy. And then we have Willow. The largest and sometimes friendlest of our buns. They're all about the same age I believe. Now that the introduction's taken care of...

    Every night I go out to shut the chickens in the coop. The Bunny Condo is just right outside our door. Facing it so we can watch them, so they see me every time. Leo just stares at me. Cinn&Nutmeg could care less most of the time as they're too busy playing. Willow, however, is standing up in her corner cage giving me the biggest view of sad bunny she can. It's not love she wants, I've tried that route before I realized the truth. It's the young, tasty sunflowers popping up she wants! So long as they are under one foot tall she wants them! She'll yank them right through the cage and they're gone in less than 10 seconds. I try to pet her instead of giving her sunflowers now and I get a grump look like I'm only a sunflower supplier to her! The girl's don't care one way or the other. Leo's like if she's eating it then sure I'll have some too!

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    Aren't bunnies the funniest animals?? I just love mine.


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